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Tattooed – HOTB

Me: (After one two many fellas ogled my youngest as we walked through DC)
I’m going to tattoo ‘I’m only 12’ across your forehead.

Youngest: So, what I’m hearing is that I can get a tattoo?

Me: Yes, as long as it’s on your forehead and says ‘I’m only 12’.

History of School – HOTB

Older offspring: Whoever invented school was really dumb.
Younger offspring: Yeah, because they didn’t go to school.

Judging a Book – HOTB

Me (always full of original wisdom): You can’t judge a book by its cover.
Youngest: Unless it’s the back cover.

Math Works – HOTB

      They asked my opinion on the math test?


      Yes, they asked ‘What do you think is the next number in the sequence?’ I didn’t agree with any of the four answers they gave so I added e) and put my answer.

For Sale – HOTB

Oldest sings (to the tune of Do You Want To Buy A Snowman
     Do you want to buy a sister? Just 20 cents will do!



Slave to Fashion – HOTB

So my youngest gets in the car after school and takes off MY shoes with a sigh.

I look at her feet and the shoes have left an imprint on her feet.

      Do the shoes hurt your feet?

      Yes, but they look so GOOD!

Clearly that sort of passion for fashion skips a generation!

(One of her favorites …)

Whatever Happens

Goals – HOTB

    I’m so torn, I can’t decide if to save my money to upgrade my drum set or to buy a long board.

    I know what you mean. It’s hard. Every month I start saving for college and then I spend it all.

I’ve got to get her a copy of this —–>

Superwoman – HOTB

Me (After describing a project that I wanted us to try): It can’t be rocket science.

Youngest (Having heard me use the term umpteen times):
      Mommy, what’s rocket science?

Me: (Some explanation which clearly was not very good because she comes back with …)

Youngest: Oh … you could do rocket science, Mommy.

(Got that right!)

Bring Back Our Girls – HOTB

Oldest (on hearing that the US government would be assisting Nigeria with finding and releasing the kidnapped Nigerian girls):
     We are going to help?

Me: Yes

Son (proudly):
    I posted the (Bring Back Our Girls) image on my profile and all of my followers liked it. Except two …. I need to talk to them.

Economics – HOTB

Me: So how much does it cost?

Oldest: $230.

Me: How much money do you have?

Oldest: $110

Me: So how much do you need?

Oldest: $120. (Pause) That’s why I hate math, it’s so disappointing.