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WORD! In New York this weekend


If you will be in New York this weekend, check out WORD! I will be speaking at 3 pm and I will have copies of books on hand. Hope to see you there. Read the rest of this entry »

Dance a Little Today

Giraffes Cant DanceI am writing a children’s short story on giraffes and decided to take a break and see what’s already out there on the topic to ensure that I come out with something fresh.

I came across this simple but effective story by Giles Andreae narrated on a YouTube video which I thoroughly enjoyed and thought that I would share today. Hope you enjoy it too!


Children’s Short Stories

See the Caribbean Adventure Series website for a number of short stories for children and the young at heart.

Topics include:

Chee Chee’s Adventures
Sea Scapes
Adventures in Ghana
Christmas 2010