Caribbean Thoughts

by Carol Mitchell


Carol is the author of the Caribbean Adventure Series, Chee Chee’s Adventures and Seascapes.

The Caribbean Adventure Series is about three children and a monkey who have exciting, magical adventures in the Caribbean. The books, aimed at children in the 7-10 age range, are interesting and informative as they have a factual setting.

Book 1: Adventure at Brimstone Hill
(Caribbean Adventure Series 1) (Kindle Edition) is set in St. Kitts. The children travel get involved in a battle between the British and the French over the famous fort, Brimstone Hill. (Also available on Audio CD

Book 2: Pirates at Port Royal
(Caribbean Adventure Series 2) (Kindle Edition) is set in Jamaica and takes the children on a pirate adventure with Henry Morgan.

Book 3: Trapped in Dunston’s Cave
(Caribbean Adventure Series 3) (Kindle Edition) is set in the lush rain forests at the Asa Wright Nature Center.

Book 4: Fury on Soufriere Hills
(Caribbean Adventure Series 4) (Kindle Edition) is set in the Soufriere Hills volcano.

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The Caribbean Adventure Series is also available in bookstores in St. Kitts-Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the USVI, and other islands.

The Chee Chee’s Adventures series is for the younger children in your life. Aimed at children ages 0-7 and beautifully illustrated by Ann-Cathrine Loo, this series will delight them.

Chee Chee in Paradise (Chee Chee’s Adventures 1)

Chee Chee’s Big Plan (Chee Chee’s Adventures 2)

Chee Chee’s Lost Paradise (Chee Chee’s Adventures 3)

Chee Chee Fights Back (Chee Chee’s Adventures 4)

Chee Chee Finds Home (Chee Chee’s Adventures 5)

Seascapes features three stories about unusual friendships among unusual sea animals.


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