Caribbean Thoughts

by Carol Mitchell

My Favorite Things

I think I have said this many times, so pardon me if you have heard it before. One of my favorite activities is conducting author visits at elementary schools.

This morning I visited with some Pre-K-3 children in Annapolis, Maryland. I was excited about the event as I always am when I have a chance to meet with my audience, but when I was on my way there gathering my thoughts it suddenly hit me that these four-year olds would be the youngest group of children that I had ever addressed. I worried that the story would not hold their interest. I pictured a chaotic scene with teachers trying to control a classroom of children who were running around, taking a nap, chatting and singing to each other and interrupting with requests to go to the bathroom.

I had nothing to fear. I read the first book in the Chee Chee’s Adventures series and Chee Chee worked his usual magic. The children loved the story and were fascinated by the many fruits and insects that a monkey would eat and the way that the brothers worked together in the story. We had a rousing discussion which only ended because it was time for them to leave for the day.

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