Caribbean Thoughts

by Carol Mitchell

Monkeys and mischief in Paradise

Located at the top of the chain of Eastern Caribbean islands, St. Kitts offers a taste of paradise to the honeymooning couple. It is a quiet, romantic island with beautiful beaches, wonderful sights and friendly people. It is also easy to reach, just a three hour flight from Miami.

There are many features that set St. Kitts apart from other islands in the Caribbean, but one of these is the charming vervet monkey. These animals were first brought to the island 300 years ago by the French and quickly made the island their home. There are now more monkeys on the island than people!

Don’t worry, though, the streets are not overrun by monkeys. In fact, it is possible to come to St. Kitts and never see one … unless you leave your drink unattended on one of our beaches. Don’t blame your dear husband if you reach over to take a sip and find that your drink has disappeared. Look around and you may spot a vervet monkey tottering away with your glass in hand!

Originally posted at Jaxon Photography

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